Sherwood Brothers Endorse Myers Pickups

GARDEN GROVE, Ca. — The Sherwood Brothers love Myers Pickups.

First, because they solved a problem that the band had.  As a 5-piece touring band that uses solely acoustic instruments, the Sherwood Brothers found themselves needing pickups that could project warmth and power simultaneously. After searching around, they discovered that Myers manufactures pickups specifically for acoustic instruments. Every pickup is hand-made by a member of the Myers family with the highest quality in mind. They can easily be moved from instrument to instrument, without having to purchase an additional pickup, which is ideal for the Brothers since they switch on and off various instruments so often throughout the night.

The engineering of the Myers’ patent-pending design is impressive too. The quality, sound and ease of use really packs a distinct wallop, delivering the audible presence that the Sherwood Brothers are known to deliver as an acoustic rock band. Especially when compared to pickups they’ve tried in the past, The Grip pickup is so compact that it can be easily position on a multitude of instruments with an unlimited amount of adjustability without modification or damage to the band’s instruments.

The dimensions are compact at 1.97″ x 1.38″ x .79″ and yet it is fully equipped with an internally powered, active preamp to produce the richest sound the guys have ever heard from such a small device. There is a lithium battery power-source that came pre-installed, which was super convenient, and they informed the band when they purchased that each individual pickup would be meticulously tested before it was shipped off. Quality craftsmanship is something you don’t often see anymore these days.

I purchased The Grip from Myers because we had quite a few different instruments that didn’t have pickups,” said lead vocalist and guitarist, Darryl Sherwood. “Whether we were at a live performance or in the studio, I just couldn’t get the isolation I wanted until I used The Grip from Myers.  I absolutely love the tone and its simplicity, and you can’t beat the price.  I use it regularly on my ukulele, mandolin, dulcimer, violin, upright bass and a few other handmade instruments. – Darryl Sherwood, Lead Vocals

Perhaps one of the things that endeared the Sherwood Brothers most to Myers is the fact that they are a small, family-owned and operated business. As a family-run operation themselves, the Sherwood Brothers enjoy supporting fellow brothers and getting the good word out about them. Many followers of the band are, in fact, active musicians themselves, so do what SB did. Check out Myers Pickups at or email Gregg Myers at It’s worth it.